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© 2020 Boorne Canadian Graphics INC.



end-to-end solution



BCG was asked to provide a permanent category solution for the Steam Clean/Deep Clean In-Aisle Section within Walmart. The modular unit needed to be: easy to navigate, easy to install and easy to update with new skus and/or graphic panels as required.


A modular, metal, retrofit unit was designed and executed in 4ft increments that could be duplicated with new graphics and add-ons to expand over an 8ft section.

Add-ons included:

• Adjustable magnabar system with shelves
   that was installed using the existing shelf
   frame hardware

• Customized hooks were installed throughout
   the section to hold the units in place

• Graphic panels and flexible vinyl shelf strips
   that were easy to remove and update


This Bissell Steam and Deep Clean Walmart Aisle Solution exceeded expectations and successfully accomplished the objectives by bringing order and understanding to the category. Overall, the growth of steam and deep clean units in the first six weeks increased by a combined average of 35% when compared to the ten weeks prior to installation.

BCG services used:

  Creative and Structural Design
  3-Dimensional Renderings
  Testing & Installation
  Full Production Rollout & Kitting
  Nationwide Shipping & Logistics
  National In-Store Installation Services