© 2020 Boorne Canadian Graphics INC.

© 2020 Boorne Canadian Graphics INC.



Ace Bakery


BCG was asked to participate in providing POS design concepts for Ace Bakery’s Mini Artisan Biscotti launch. The units needed to ship flat to the client’s merchandise team and be easily assembled at retail. The product launch was brought to life with a POS tool that featured a 3-dimensional cappuccino cup pop-out base.


In order to make this POS tool easy to ship, the unit was designed and assembled to collapse into a manageable carton packed format ready to ship. Assembly in-store was straightforward and simple. The POS tool shipped in 4 pieces: Base, Chassis, Support Insert and Header.


In addition to being 100% retailer compliant this display earned BCG a bronze Shop! award.

BCG services used:

  Creative and Structural Design
  3-Dimensional Renderings
  Full Production Rollout

in-store display solution